To look into her eyes
To peer into that deep blue
To see her soul
To feel her new

The joy in that deep blue
The air of caution
The whiff of fear
The touch of new

She sees me through that deep blue
Picks away my wall
She picks me up
…when I start to fall

She has replenished me once again
…with her deep blue
The well of soul known by few
Is entered only through her Deep Blue

-j. barber


Through eyes I’ve seen the horror of youth.
May no child ever have to speak that true.

I wish I may.
I wish I might.
I wish never ever to have to that fight.

Through these eyes a breath I take.
One day soon I will not break.
These fools abound they claim no fake.
This love I have found I will not break.

I found my soul.
I found my mate.
I found the one who will not hate.

I’m often reminded that life is fleeting.
With injuries a plenty and a heart still bleeding.
My soul has been replanted.
My body is on heel.
And with her I hope a kiss to seal.

I love you now.
I love you forever.
I love you then.
I love you whenever.

-j. barber